Molkerei Ammerland Sweet Whey Powder

  • 10 Bag(s)
  • Molkerei Ammerland
  • Drying fresh whey
  • Sweet
  • White to yellowish colour, free flowing powder, typical milk taste and smell without foreign odour
  • 25kg multilayer paper bag
  • 25 Kilogram
  • 2 Years
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Molkerei Ammerland Sweet Whey Powder

UsageWhey, a byproduct of curdled milk, is one of the components of making cheese. However, whey itself is no less valuable. It is used as a substitute for milk in certain recipes, particularly in the baking of bread, pancakes, muffins, and so on. It is even taken on occasion as a beverage in itself, or coagulated and boiled down into cheese on its own.

As a typical addition to one’s diet, the nutritional value of whey is known. However, there is a specific purpose for which whey is equally well known, and used just as often: as a dietary supplement used to gain optimum levels of protein. Many bodybuilders and other serious athletes, ranging from the amateur to the elite, make use of protein supplements when aiming to build or maintain muscle mass. With this aim in mind, PSCM Food & Daily Products offers you their line of Ammerländer Sweet Whey Powder, giving you the ability to enjoy a tasty, protein-rich beverage or supplement your needs under intense physical training.

One of the most common ways of consuming whey protein powder is in the form of a protein shake. Ammerländer Sweet Whey Powder in particular, may be prepared just by following a few simple steps:

1) Prepare Ammerländer Sweet Whey Powder (60-135g/2.11-4.75oz according to dietary needs), milk (roughly 400ml), ice, and cut soft fruits (such as bananas or berries).
2) Mix the Ammerländer Sweet Whey Powder and the milk together in a blender.
3) Crush the ice and add it to the blender.
4) Cut the fruits you chose finely, and add them to the mixture in the blender as well.
5) Blend until fine, then serve.

This is one way to get a simple and quality protein shake that also serves as a dietary supplement which helps you get your much-needed protein, the building blocks that sustain your various organs to keep them strong and healthy, on top of helping to build muscles.

Certification(s) & Mentionings:

  1. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP): PSCM Food & Daily Products manufacturing and packaging facilities operate according to the HACCP standards of the United States FDA, which set strict standards for the management and prevention of biological, chemical, and physical hazards in the production and distribution process of Sweet Whey Powder. This ensures that PSCM Food & Daily Products’ whey protein reaches from the factory to your drinks as a quality product made in the most efficient and clean way.

  2. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): PSCM Food & Daily Products has undergone GMP certification, which ensures that not only are products manufactured according to consistent quality standards, but also that staff and business operations are properly managed and audited. The welfare of PSCM’s staff and efficiency of their operations are a top priority.

  3. JAKIM Halal-Certified: All of PSCM Food & Daily Products’ products are certified Halal by JAKIM, coming from halal sources and therefore being suitable for consumption by Malay customers. This includes their Sweet Whey Powder.

PackagingPSCM Food & Daily Products' Sweet Whey Powder is packaged in 25 kg (55.11 lbs) multilayer paper bags. At a minimum order of 10 bags per order, you receive 250 kg (551.16 lbs) of whey powder.

Storage instructions for Ammerländer Sweet Whey Powder:

PSCM Food & Daily Products Ammerländer Sweet Whey Powder has an initial shelf life of up to two years, stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, the whey powder should be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated, in which case it can remain usable for several months.

Ammerlander Sweet Whey Powder Overview

Whey is an ingredient with a long history, though it wasn’t until 1930 when it was first processed into powder as a protein supplement. Since then, whey in both fluid and powder forms has often been used in various recipes, and for several different purposes.

 Benefits of whey protein:

 Promotes muscle growth

 Lowers blood pressure

 Reduces inflammation

 Provides antioxidants

 Aids in weight loss

That’s right: while whey has long been the gold standard of muscle gain for serious athletes looking to increase mass and strength, correct use and consumption of whey protein alongside other components of diet and exercise can contribute towards losing weight when needed, as well.

This is because whey, being dense in protein, can help to suppress excessive appetite, alongside boosting your metabolism when consumed, aiding in the burning of calories when active. In conjunction with its benefit of building muscle, this prevents the loss of muscle mass and strength even when you diet and exercise with the intention of losing weight.

With all these benefits considered, Ammerländer Sweet Whey Powder is an affordable and nutritious way for you to add whey into your daily routine. As a byproduct of milk, it has a sweet taste and milky texture when mixed with water, without any foreign odors.

Do note that Ammerländer Sweet Whey Powder is not a whey isolate product. Whey isolate is suitable for consumers with lactose intolerance. However, as Sweet Whey Powder has its lactose and fat content intact, it should not be consumed by those with milk allergies or lactose intolerance.

Specifications for Ammerländer Sweet Whey Powder

- Packaged and delivered from Port Klang by PSCM Food & Daily Products.
- Whey powder derived from natural dairy sources, not to be taken if lactose intolerant or allergic to milk
- Source of protein as beverage or dietary supplement, conducive towards muscle gain or weight loss

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