NZMP Skim Milk Powder

  • NZMP
  • The crystals are extremely fine, allowing them to dissolve more completely
  • Good and virtually indistinguishable from fresh milk.
  • Soft and creamy
  • 25 kg paper bag
  • 25 Kilogram
  • 2 Years
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of NZMP Skim Milk Powder

Usage Instructions: Skimmed Milk Powder, or also known as SMP can be used in numerous creative ways depending on your imagination. We’ve come up with a few simple ways to use PSCM’s skimmed milk powder. Here are our suggestions for using this Malaysian skim milk powder.

1. Using skimmed milk powder for pre-mix ingredients:

If you enjoy baking, then you’re sure to like this simple way of using skimmed milk powder in your pre-mix dry ingredients such as pancakes, muffins, waffles, and even bread loaves. All you’ll need to do is simply replace the fresh milk stated in the pre-mix packaging with our skimmed milk powder. This is usually 75ml (1/3cup) of skim milk powder for every 250ml (1 cup) of fresh milk. Finally, remember to add water to your dry ingredients before baking.

2. Using skim milk powder for cooking

Another great way to add skimmed milk powder to your diet is by cooking it. Yes, you read it right. Cooking with skimmed milk powder is something many of us would never want to try thinking that skimmed milk powder can easily curdle in high temperatures. However, you can rest assured that all skimmed milk powder by PSCM Food and Dairy Products can be used to cook an assortment of dishes such as macaroni and cheese, french toast, quiche, bread or rice pudding, soups, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, or even casseroles.

3. Using skimmed milk powder for drinks

The most common way of having skimmed milk powder is by drinking it, so here’s a quick and easy way of using our skimmed milk powder to create a nutritious yet, simple drink. All you need to do is mix one part of fresh milk with another part of skimmed milk powder, and your drink is ready to be enjoyed. You can also make this skimmed milk drink the night before, store in the refrigerator and have it the next day chilled. You can always add more flavour by adding vanilla bean extract or cocoa powder.

Certification(s): For the assurance of quality, all PSCM Food and Dairy Products skimmed milk powder has been accredited with the following certificates:

ISO 22000 CertificateAn international food safety standardization, the ISO 22000 Certificate has been awarded to our skimmed milk powder. This certification suggests that all skimmed milk powders are safe to be consumed by adults around the globe.

HACCP CertificateThe HACCP Certificate or also known as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certification is designed to identify possible health hazards and come up with strategies to eliminate or prevent such hazards. This accreditation is an international standard that has been utilized in the production of all nonfat skimmed milk powder produced by PSCM Food and Dairy Products.

HALAL CertificateAccredited by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, the Halal certificate has been awarded to our skimmed milk powder for their practice of permissible ingredients and manufacturing process that abided by the Syariah law. This certificate signifies that all skimmed milk powder can be consumed by Muslims around the world.

PackagingAll skimmed milk powder is packaged in kraft paper bags for its strength and durability. Made from virgin pulp with no chemicals or bleaches, these kraft bags are high in elasticity and tear-resistant. The sack kraft paper is specially curated for packaging products due to its porous paper.

Each bag of skimmed milk powder comes with a net weight of 25kg (55.12 pounds). Also, we reserved the right for our clients to choose from a wide array of package sizes that we have in store.

Skimmed Milk Powder Product Overview

First used by Mongolian troops to maintain their strength in war and later used to fatten farm animals. The humble skimmed milk powder has undergone numerous facelifts since its birth. Today, powdered milk is made by spray drying a variety of different types of milk.

However, what makes this skimmed milk powder stand out from its counterparts is the fact that all fat solubles have been removed during the production of the skimmed milk powder leaving behind about 0.1% fat. So you’re simply left with the goodness and nutrition of standard milk. At PSCM Food and Dairy Products, we take great pride in showcasing a variety of halal certified low fat skimmed milk powder from around the globe.

For storage purposes, we do recommend storing your skimmed milk powder in a cool and dry place with a temperature below 25°C. Take into consideration that a high humidity area will cause your skimmed milk powder to crystallize and harden, which is the last thing you want.

PSCM Food and Dairy Products Company Overview

Established in 2014, PSCM Food and Dairy Products is an international company based in Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang. The FMCG company takes great pride in delivering authentic and quality-driven food and dairy products at a special rate. With 8 years under its belt, PSCM Food and Dairy Products has been pivotal in serving premier dairy products, dried fruits, and nuts, protein powder, cocoa powder, cooking oil and so much more.

Skimmed Milk Powder Product Specifications


 Suggested Age:



 Soft and fluffy



 Heat Ranges:

 Low heat (LH), Medium Heat (MH), High Heat Heat Stable (HHHS)


 Tiny granules of hydrated fat-free milk, White to yellowish colour


 Natural ingredients, No color pigment,

 Net Weight/Unit:

 25 kilograms (55.12 pounds)

 Shelf Life:

 18 - 24 months

 Product of:


 Health Facts:

 High Nutritional Value


 Yogurt, Desserts, Baking, Confectionaries, Drinks

Shipping Details: 
For exporting purposes, all skimmed milk powder can be purchased at a minimum quantity of 10 bags. At PSCM Food and Dairy Products, all skim milk powder orders are wrapped with a thick layer of stretchable plastic film to prevent any possible damages while transporting.

All skimmed milk powder products are domestically shipped from Port Klang. At PSCM Food and Dairy products, we take great pride in ensuring top-notch services for everyone. So you can rest assured that your purchases will be handled with the utmost care till it reaches your front doorstep.

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