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Product details of Gourmessa Streaky Beef Bacon - 100g

Usage: Preheat your pan in medium heat. Take a piece of Gourmessa Beef Breakfast Streaky out from the vacuumed plastic pouch. Fry it for about 2-3 minutes on each side and you are ready to enjoy! This streaky beef bacon can be enjoyed in a lot of ways. You can put it in between your burger, make it as a sandwich filling, cut it into pieces and toss it into your favorite pasta dish, and many more. Beef breakfast streaky is perfect for people who lead a healthy lifestyle as this beef bacon has lower fat and calories. You do not need to worry about calories when enjoying this beef breakfast streaky.  

To prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms in the meat, this beef breakfast streaky has been packed with vacuum-sealed plastic. This kind of packaging sucks the air out of food packaging to avoid food spoilage. Also, vacuum-sealed packaging would keep the rich flavor of the streaky beef bacon.

Ceritifications: Gourmessa Sdn Bhd has been awarded four large certifications throughout their butchery business:

  1. Halal Certification: Gourmessa Sdn Bhd conducted the Muslim slaughtering process according to Shariah law in their butchery activities. All of the meats used by Gourmessa Sdn Bhd meet the requirements of Islamic law and are suitable for consumption by Muslims worldwide. This certificate gives assurance to Muslim buyers to purchase the streaky beef bacon that is certified Halal.

  2.  Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification: Consistently ensuring the quality and safety in great condition of the meat production process, Gourmessa Sdn Bhd passed the requirements required by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Certification (HACCP) for streaky beef bacon. In this way, it guarantees the quality of meat products produced by the Gourmessa brand.

  3. Veterinary Health Mark (VHM): Gourmessa Sdn Bhd focused on butchery activities, the aspect of hygiene of the livestock is important to ensure the cleanliness and maintain the quality of the meat. All of the meat products produced by Gourmessa Sdn Bhd have passed the requirements by the Department of Veterinary Services hence this certificate has been awarded.

Streaky Beef Bacon Overview

All streaky beef breakfast could be used in any dish to complete a meal. The crunchiness and saltiness of the bacon after it has been fried surely makes you mouth-watering. The streaky beef bacon has low fat and calories which makes it perfect to maintain your diet.

Beef streaky or beef bacon is often used in breakfast together with fluffy scrambled eggs, baked beans, and a pair of hashbrowns. The crunchiness and saltiness of the streaky beef bacon complete a big breakfast that could make your day. Gourmessa Sdn Bhd has produced beef breakfast streaky for meat lovers out there. All of the meat products from Gourmessa Sdn Bhd are going through an Islamic law of slaughter process in the manufacturing stage hence their products are 100% Halal and safe to consume by Muslims around the world.

Streaky Beef Bacon Specifications

- Halal certified
- Ready to cook
- Can be stored up for months if refrigerated
- A perfect ingredient to complete a dish
- Can be served cold, fried, grilled or BBQ.

Ideally served:

- Delicious on its own
- Add into a burger or sandwich
- As a topping on fried rice
- Add into your favorite dish

Ingredients: Beef breakfast streaky by Gourmessa Sdn Bhd is made of selected beef, salt, sugar, spices, approved additives and preservatives. The ingredients to produce this streaky beef bacon are all from the finest sources to ensure its quality and freshness.

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