Gourmessa Slied And Smoked Duck Breast - Cured Meat - 180g

  • Gourmessa
  • Cured Meat
  • extremely moist, dark meat
  • richer and fattier
  • Ready to cook
  • 180 Gram
  • Malaysia
  • Halal certified
  • Malaysia

Product details of Gourmessa Slied And Smoked Duck Breast - Cured Meat - 180g

Usage: The sliced and smoked duck breast from Gourmessa Sdn. Bhd. is fully cooked and ready to serve. You can enjoy it either warm or cold. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to prepare Duck Breast Smoked from Gourmessa Sdn. Bhd. You can pan-fry, bake, or grill these sliced smoked duck breasts based on your preference. Moreover, there are still few cooking methods for cooking Duck Breast Smoked. For instance, you can fully cook/ grill the smocked duck breasts or only cooked with medium-rare. First and foremost, thoroughly defrost the sliced smoked duck breast that took out from the freezer before use. Then, remove the Duck Breast Smoked brand of Gourmessa from the vacuum pack, and place skin side up on a baking tray. After that, you can choose your preferred option to cook the sliced smoked duck breast. If you opt for baking the Duck Breast Smoked, you need to preheat the oven to 190°C and bake for 10 to 12minutes. Finally, take the smoked duck out from the oven when the color of the sliced smoked duck breast turns golden.

A gentle reminder, allow resting for at least 2minutes before serving the mouth-watering of Gourmessa’s Duck Breast Smoked. You can either enjoy whole or sliced of this Duck Breast Smoked. Gourmessa Sdn. Bhd recommends slicing the breast very thinly against the grain- delivering a better texture. A perfectly cooked, baked, grilled, and pan-fried Duck Breast Smoked will have a crisp, golden skin and succulent pink flesh. Furthermore, Gourmessa Sdn. Bhd introduces all variations of frozen food that are ready to cook. It only requires a few simple steps for you to prepare a meal. Hence, the products of Gourmessa Sdn. Bhd, including Duck Breast Smoked, is suitable for working adults. For those who have no time to cook every meal daily, Duck Breast Smoked is the best choice for them! Even if you are inexperienced in cooking, you can cook a hearty meal in only a matter of minutes. All in all, the ways you enjoy the sliced smoked duck breast are based on your taste and preference. Gourmessa’s Duck Breast Smoked can be enjoyed as a filling or topping for sandwiches, pasta, or eaten as a snack itself.

Certifications: All products produced by Gourmessa Sdn. Bhd, including Duck Breast Smoked, has received certification as below:

  1. Halal-certified: All variation products of the brand Gourmessa, including Duck Breast Smoked, have been awarded a Halal Certificate Malaysia by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM.) The products have met all requirements set by Islamic Shariah law. Since Halal requirements imply that products should be free of harmful ingredients, they are responsible for halal compliance. Hence, it is safe to consume by all Muslims. In this sense, this sliced smoked duck breast may be known as Halal Duck Breast Smoked in Malaysia.

Packaging: Gourmessa’s Duck Breast Smoked is only sold in bulk quantities. Each package/ unit of this sliced smoked duck breast serves with a net weight of 180 grams; in a vacuum-packaging to prevent moisture evaporation. There will be slightly less weight due to ice content after defrosting the sliced smoked duck breast. To enjoy exclusive deals, you need to purchase in large quantities.

Storage Instructions: It is best to keep Gourmessa’s Duck Breast Smoked into the freezer to retain freshness upon receiving. The sliced smoked duck breast can store up to months if kept frozen.

Gourmessa’s Sliced Smoked Duck Breast Overview

Duck Breast Smoked produced by Gourmessa Sdn. Bhd is made from premium raw ingredients. The sliced smoked duck breast is a type of cured meat with vacuum packaging. Besides, the manufacturing process of all sliced smoked duck breasts is under supervision and in hygienic condition for safe consumption. Gourmessa guarantees their duck breast smoked high quality in every bite.

Additionally, Duck Breast Smoked tastes richer and fattier as it provides a distinct flavor. The texture is moist as well. Furthermore, these sliced smoked duck breasts are super flavorful and are more beneficial in terms of health. It has an excellent source of nutrients such as protein and minerals. The sliced smoked duck breasts also provide many other micronutrients, including Vitamins and Irons.

Meanwhile, most people think that duck meat is high-fat content, but the fat included in the sliced smoked duck breasts is considered healthy to consume. There is no need to worry about eating a large amount of fat with these sliced smoked duck breasts. Those fats in Duck Breast Smoked are actually unsaturated. However, if you're a person who is concerned about the fat, you can try removing the skin. Usually, the skin of Duck Breast Smoked is super easy to remove as it comes off only on one side.

Gourmessa Sdn. Bhd rest assured their sliced smoked duck breast is tender, juicy, and tasty. Where it was once time-consuming to prepare a hearty meal, Gourmessa Sdn. Bhd brings its customers in the easiest ready-to-cook frozen Duck Breast Smoked.

Sliced And Smoked Duck Breast's Benefits

- Healthy essential fats (Omega-3/ Omega-6 fatty acids)
- Source of Protein
- Source of Iron
- Source of Minerals
- Rich in Vitamin A; and Vitamin D

Sliced Smoked Duck Breast Specifications

- Net weight of 180 grams per pack
- Halal-certified
- Ready-to-cook
- Stored up for months if kept in frozen
- All sliced smoked duck breasts are fully cooked and ready to serve; warm or cold. To gently warm your smoked duck, preheat your oven to 162.778°C (325°F).

Ideally served:

- It is delicious if served
- As a topping on top of Sandwiches Pizzas, Pastas/ Spaghetti, White Rices, Salads, and Maggie Mee
- As a side dish
- As a snack

Make your meal at home with the savory Gourmessa’s sliced smoked duck breast. It only takes a few minutes for you to prepare a tasty meal.

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