Sarawak Black Pepper Powder - 50G

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  • Powder
  • Peppery
  • Premium
  • 50 Gram
  • Sibu, Sarawak
  • Malaysia

Product details of Sarawak Black Pepper Powder - 50G

Usage Instruction: By following the steps below, you can use this Sarawak Black Pepper Powder easily and quickly. When the package has reached you, open the package and take out this halal black pepper powder and place it on the table. Take a spoon and slowly open the lid and scoop out the powder according to the amount needed in your cooking. Then, gently add the powder to the cooking and mix well so that the aroma and taste are well mixed. Reseal the bottle and store it in a safe place. Once the cooking is ready, serve it on a plate and it's ready to eat.

Packaging Information: This Black Pepper Powder is packed in a plastic bottle and contains 50g (1.76oz) in weight. The minimum purchase of the Sarawak Black Pepper Powder is a 1x20ft container. However, LCL (Loose Container Load) can be negotiated to fulfil the shipment.

Storage Instruction(s): After using Sarawak black pepper powder, close the bottle tightly with a lid to prevent the entry of fine insects. Next, make sure that this pepper coarse powder is kept away from direct sunlight to maintain its originality. Store in a dry place such as a kitchen cabinet is one of the best places to use.

Certification(s): Since its inception, the Sarawak Black Pepper Powder product by Quality Spice has obtained big certifications to gain customers' trust. The certifications are:

  1.  Halal - JAKIM: The Halal certificate, which means permissible in English, is a certificate given to eligible companies. Ownership of this certificate is for all the company's products that comply 100% with Shariah rules and regulations based on Islamic guidelines. Due to Sarawak Black Pepper Powder complying with all the criteria requirements, these peppercorns can be known as Halal Sarawak Black Pepper Powder and can be consumed by all Muslims.
  2.  Made in Malaysia Logo: In line with one of these certification requirements, The product must be made in Malaysia and have at least 51% local or substance content. With 100% production from farms in Sarawak, The Sarawak Black Pepper Powder has earned this recognition. It is also an initiative of the Malaysian government through the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (KPDNKK) in raising the interest of Malaysians to use Malaysian-made products.

Sarawak Black Pepper Powder Overview

This Sarawak Black Pepper Powder is one of the Quality Spice products that is manufactured directly from the state of Sarawak, which can be known as the Land of the Hornbills. The Sarawak pepper grows on its farm and is specially picked by hand, its dark colour, and its spicy and peppery taste enhance its premium taste when used in your dishes.

Did you know that this black pepper is ground until it is fine according to the customer's request? This is because Quality Spice always tries to meet customer needs to their satisfaction. All black and white pepper powder, including this Sarawak Black Pepper Powder, is sterilized and put through rigorous microbiological testing to fulfill the standard. This Sarawak Black Pepper Powder also meets the standard that has been set by Malaysia Pepper Board accordingly.

The Sarawak Black Pepper Powder is sold in the market with a weight of 50g (1.76oz) in a plastic bottle, to ensure the convenience and comfort of users in using this product. Thus, this Sarawak Black Pepper Powder will always be your favourite natural seasoning in every use.

About Quality Spice

Located in east Malaysia in Sibu, Sarawak, Quality Spice is a company that manufactures, distributes, and exports specialized food products in paper packaging, especially black and white pepper. Quality spice has been established since 1997 and to date, the brand is becoming more popular and successful. The company has been a member of MATRADE (Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation) since 2015.

Specially imported 100% from the state of Borneo, the company's pepper products are picked using the traditional and manual method, which is hand-picked and ground to a certain fineness to preserve the original taste of the spices, making it a special and premium product.

In addition, there are two variations of spices supplied by Quality Spices in the market that are packed ready to use consisting of unground pepper, and powder. This Black Sarawak Pepper is packaged in various versions such as bottles, pepper shakers, and zip-lock plastic bags. Quality spices' pepper products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia and planning on expanding sales in the future.

Sarawak Black Pepper Powder Specifications

- 50g (1.76oz) weighs per bottle
- Have a Peppery and spicy taste
- Hand-picked black pepper
- Fresh from the farm
- 100% Sarawak grown
- Halal Sarawak Black Pepper Powder
- Made in Malaysia

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Quality Spice

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