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Product details of Quality Spice Coarse Ground Black Pepper - 100g

Usage: This section will discuss how best to utilise coarse ground black pepper in the kitchen, whether you're a professional chef or a weekend warrior.

Visit the pantry if you want to spice up your meals with some coarse ground black pepper. Then, grip the cabinet handle with one hand and pull the door open to reveal the contents and pick out the ground black pepper. Once you've found the cracked peppercorn bottle, hold it with one hand and lift it to get the herbs out of the storage area. If you're withdrawing a bottle of seasoning from a cabinet, use your free hand to shut the door again. Next, place the pepper flakes beside the stove and head to the cooking utensils cupboard.

To expose the silverware, grab the cutlery positioning handle and pull it out. Then, carefully grab a teaspoon and a dinner plate. The kitchen cupboard should be reclosed afterwards. Then, transport the tools over to the coarse ground black pepper bottle and set them there.

Next, you'll need to take the spice Sarawak out of its package before consuming it. You should pick up the bottle of coarse powder with your left hand. Then, use your other hand to grab the plastic top of the coarsely ground black pepper and turn it anticlockwise to open the pepper grinder. Next, place the lid on the tabletop.

Use one teaspoon to scoop some coarse ground black pepper from the bottle and then sprinkle it over the food while it cooks. You can use as many cracked peppercorns as you like, but the amount you use should be proportional to the amount of heat you want in your food and the size of the portions of the meals.

Certification(s) and Logo(s): Our Black Pepper Coarse Ground credential establishes Quality Spice's trust in the herb and seasoning product market.

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: The Halal Accreditation Programme is a resource made available by the government of Malaysia. If a Sarawak spice powder is certified by JAKIM as being Shariah-compliant, it can bear Halal Certified. Here at Quality Spice, we adhere carefully to all regulations imposed by the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM). So, Muslims can use coarsely ground black pepper in their cooking.

  2. Made In Malaysia: Consumers should give the Black Pepper Coarse Grind preference. Thus it's great to see the Made in Malaysia logo on the packaging. Spice powder industry leaders are using this as part of a broader strategy to increase the demand for Sarawak pepper products by Malaysians.

Packaging: The 100g coarse ground black pepper we supply here is packaged in high-quality plastic bottles with lockable lids due to their excellent power, lower cost, ability to be transported and safety.

The fact that the plastic used to package coarse black pepper is recyclable is a factor in the material's selection. The plastic from Sarawak spice powder containers is a valuable resource that has facilitated several advances. The initial packing of coarsely ground black pepper reduces energy use, gas emissions, and plastic waste, all of which contribute to cost savings.

Several bottles of coarse ground black pepper will be packed inside a cardboard box to facilitate transportation of the  Sarawak pepper. Then, the team will pack cartons of pepper flakes neatly before the spice powder is sent to wholesalers.

Storage Instruction(s): Keep your coarse ground black pepper in an airtight container in a dry, dark area. If you want to keep your whole spices in the cabinet, choose a glass jar or plastic bottle with a secure cover. Please ensure that the cracked peppercorns are not exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, black pepper coarse grind should not be kept in a cupboard near or above heating elements, as this can speed up the spoilage of the Sarawak cooking herbs.

Some people maintain that a fridge is the best place to store coarsely ground black pepper because of the refrigerator's ability to maintain a chill and dark atmosphere. Unfortunately, moisture may cause the flavour of  Sarawak herbs and seasonings to degrade, and it can even allow bacteria to grow on the pepper flakes. For this reason, unless the peppercorns are very new and have been vacuum-sealed, we advise avoiding putting ground black pepper in the chiller.

Shipping: The distributor must buy a minimum of one 20-foot container of coarse ground black pepper (2.5908m in height, 2.9m in breadth, and 2.44m in length). Sarawak seasoning manufactory recommends wholesalers buy large quantities of spice powder utilising 20-foot containers to get the best price. Less than container load (LCL) quantities, perhaps as few as one pallet, of cracked peppercorns are available to wholesalers.

Coarsely Ground Black Pepper Overview

Black pepper, the "King of Spices," is a culinary staple in many cultures. The coarse ground black pepper from Sarawak is superior to other varieties because it is more aromatic and has more complex floral, peppery, and fruity undertones.

Coarsely ground black pepper is a must-have in any kitchen since it enhances the flavour of many culinary. With its earthy and spicy taste, ground black pepper adds a gentle kick of heat that complements other ingredients. Sarawak pepper goes well with various cooking methods, including grilling, baking, roasting, stir-frying, and even eating it raw. Use coarse black pepper instead of powder for more intense heat and spice.

Coarse ground black pepper not only enhances the flavour of food. But, several positive wellness is associated with black pepper consumption in the human body. By putting coarse ground black pepper in culinary, the consumer will obtain health benefits, including aiding digestion, preventing constipation, curing skin problems, helping hair, assisting weight loss, and treating depression.

About Quality Spice

Quality Spice is a Malaysian company with a warehouse in Sibu, Sarawak, that focuses on packaging various types of spice, including coarse ground black pepper. Supplying only the freshest cracked peppercorns that have just been harvested from the farm and bottled for immediate use in the kitchen.

All Sarawak black pepper is hand-picked and carefully processed to match the high standards chefs and home cooks set. Black pepper from Quality Spice comes in fine and coarse grinds, certified as HALAL. For this reason, we only use high-quality plastic bottles and bags to store our rough-ground black pepper for cooking, guaranteeing its maximum shelf life and cleanliness.

Coarse Ground Black Pepper Specification

- All of the coarse ground black pepper is grown in Sarawak.

- Sarawak black pepper coarse grind has a natural, genuine flavour.

- Hand-picked, freshly ground berries Sarawak black pepper.

- Sarawak black pepper berries are ground to a certain fineness to keep the taste and texture.

- Black pepper coarse grounds are guaranteed to be sterile.

- Halal-certified coarse ground black pepper.


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