Sarawak White Pepper Berries Powder - 100G

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Product details of Sarawak White Pepper Berries Powder - 100G

Usage Instruction: The following guidelines could be applied as a way to use the White Pepper Berries by the brand of Quality Spice. This White Pepper Berries could be used in many meals and cooking. Here are our suggestions on using the product that you can try out. The first step would be by placing the White Pepper Berries in the kitchen so that you can have the access to the product easily whenever you are cooking for a meal. Secondly, just take a bottle of the white pepper and open the cap of the bottle by twisting it carefully. Then, sprinkle some of the berries of the white pepper in a pan or pot when you need it as you are cooking. Close the bottle after you are done using the product by putting back the cap on the bottle to conceal the product. Lastly, place it back in the kitchen. 

Packaging Information: The White Pepper Berries will be packaged in a plastic bottle. Each one of the white pepper units will be 100 grams (100 g) or 3.5 ounces (3.5 oz). We will ensure you that the spice products are packaged and shipped to our consumers in an ideal condition. After you have received the product, please check the product before storing it. The minimum purchase quantity for the White Pepper Berries is one 20ft box container or Less than Container Load (LCL) is negotiable. 


  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: We have made sure that all of our spice products are certified by JAKIM as Halal. JAKIM is a Department of Islamic Development Malaysia that manages Halal certificates in Malaysia. Therefore, the White Pepper Berries has also been certified as Halal and could be purchased by our customers including the Muslim people. We will be able to ship and market the White Pepper Berries to our consumers widely. This certification also proves that our white pepper product has successfully gone through the evaluations and passed the laws and regulations of the Shariah Laws. 

Overview of White Pepper Berries

Need some spice in your cooking? Well use the White Pepper Berries by the brand of Quality Spices to add some flavour and kick in your food. The White Pepper Berries are pepper products that are 100% grown in Sarawak that will provide you an authentic taste of the Sarawak pepper. The berries have been handpicked and grounded to a specific fineness in order to preserve the flavour of the pepper. Moreover, it has also been sterilized and tested to meet the stringent microbiological standard.

This Halal-certified pepper product is packaged in high quality plastic bottles in order to retain the freshness and hygiene of the product. The White Pepper Berries comes in a plastic bottle of 100 grams (100 g) or 3.5 ounces (3.5 oz) which will be sufficient for you to use in your meals and cooking with it for various dishes. Also, the White Pepper Berries meet the standards that is set by Malaysia Pepper Board that is formerly known as Sarawak Pepper Board which is the regulating body for all the exports of Sarawak pepper products.

Other than that, this White Pepper Berries are white pepper that has been obtained from the berries of nigrum plant. It is produced by removing the outer layer of the berry before or after it is dried so that the inner seed remains. Generally, the layer is removed by soaking the berry in water which allows the skin to fall off. Therefore, the white pepper is actually the seed of the berries of the pepper plant. The fragrance of the spice is refined and mild compared to black pepper. Our line of pepper will enrich your dishes with perfectly balanced ingredients. Get the White Pepper Berries now by purchasing it. 

About Quality Spice

Based in Malaysia, the Quality Spice is a company that has been established in the year of 2019. Quality Spice could be regard as a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and an exporter which shows that they are capable in various businesses. It is located in Sibu, Sarawak which specializes in pepper products. From producing to packaging our products, we would make sure that all of the peppers supplied are freshly picked from the farm and ready to be packed to be used in the kitchen. 

The Quality Spice pepper products are fully grown in Sarawak which made it stands out from other products in the market as the consumers will be able to have the authentic taste of Sarawak’s peppers with Quality Spice’s products. We also have various spices in various quantity ranging from 50 grams (1.7 ounces), 70 grams (2.6 ounces), 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and more. We have specially selected the spices and process it to meet the standards that we have set up so that we can serve the best products towards of consumers. 

We deliver black and white pepper berries that have been handpicked and grounded to a specific fineness to preserve the flavours of the spices. The highlights of our products consist of it is 100% local, rich in taste, sustainability and great-tasting meals with pure flavours. As a company that has been established in less than 3 years, our company has able to successfully produce a lot of types of pepper as pepper products are our main product and we hope to market and ship our products worldwide towards our consumers. 

White Pepper Berries Specifications

-  Net weight: 100 grams (100 g) or 3.5 ounces (3.5 oz)
- 100% grown in Sarawak
- Hand picked and grounded to preserve the flavour
- Packaged in high quality plastic bottles
- Sterilized and tested
- Made in Malaysia

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Quality Spice

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  • Malaysia
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