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Product details of GHL Aluminium Folding Door (Exposed Hinge Series)

Service Guidelines: Aluminium folding doors are a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces due to their versatility and modern aesthetic. Here is a breakdown of the usage and installation process of aluminium folding doors:

  1. Versatile Space Saver: Aluminium folding doors are designed to maximise space utilisation by folding in on themselves when opened. This feature is particularly beneficial in areas with limited space, such as small rooms or balconies.

  2. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition: These doors are commonly used to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, such as connecting a living room to a patio or garden. The wide panels of the door allow for unobstructed views and plenty of natural light.

  3. Easy Operation: Aluminium folding doors are equipped with a smooth sliding mechanism that allows for easy operation. The doors can be effortlessly pushed to the side for full opening or partially opened for ventilation.

  4. Weather Resistance: Aluminium folding doors are known for their durability and weather resistance. The aluminium frame is corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Installation Process: The installation of aluminium folding doors typically involves the following steps:

  1. Measurement: Accurate measurements of the door frame opening are taken to ensure a perfect fit.

  2. Frame Assembly: The aluminium frame is assembled according to the dimensions of the opening.

  3. Hinge Installation: Exposed hinges are attached to the panels to allow for smooth folding movement.

  4. Glass Insertion: Tempered glass panels are inserted into the frame and secured in place.

  5. Final Adjustment: The doors are adjusted to ensure proper alignment and smooth operation.

In conclusion, aluminium folding doors offer a practical and stylish solution for creating flexible living spaces and enhancing the aesthetics of any environment. Their ease of operation, space-saving design, and weather resistance make them a popular choice for modern architectural projects.

Aluminium Folding Door Overview

The aluminium folding door is a versatile and modern solution for creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. It is designed to maximise space utilisation and provide unobstructed views while allowing for easy operation. The folding door is a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces due to its practicality and aesthetic appeal.

The product page showcases different types of aluminium folding doors, each offering unique features to cater to various needs. The exposed hinge series, in particular, highlights the following types of folding doors:

  1. Bi-Fold Doors: The bi-fold doors are designed with multiple panels that fold in on themselves when opened. This type of folding door is ideal for creating wide openings and maximising natural light and ventilation. The smooth sliding mechanism allows for easy operation, making it suitable for connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces.

  2. Multi-Fold Doors: The multi-fold doors feature a series of interconnected panels that can be folded to one or both sides, providing flexibility in opening options. This type of folding door is well-suited for larger openings, such as connecting a living room to a patio or garden. The wide panels offer unobstructed views and create a seamless transition between spaces.

  3. Sliding-Folding Doors: Sliding-folding doors combine the functionality of sliding doors with the space-saving design of folding doors. This type of folding door is perfect for areas with limited space, as it allows for partial opening to provide ventilation while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Overall, the aluminium folding door offers a practical and stylish solution for enhancing living spaces and architectural designs. Its versatility, ease of operation, and weather resistance make it a popular choice for creating flexible and inviting environments.

About GHL Aluminium Marketing Sdn Bhd

GHL Aluminium Marketing Sdn Bhd is a well-known and recognised manufacturer of high-quality aluminium and hardware products, establishing the industry standard via creative ideas and great craftsmanship. With a strong dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, GHL Aluminium Marketing has established itself as a market leader, providing a varied range of products to residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

One of the primary characteristics that distinguishes GHL Aluminium Marketing is their consistent commitment to providing high-quality aluminium goods that are not only visually appealing but also sturdy and long-lasting. The company's talented craftsmen employ cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to manufacture windows, aluminium folding doors, and other hardware products that satisfy the highest industry requirements.

GHL Aluminium Marketing's dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in their tailored approach to each project. Whether it's a small domestic makeover or a large-scale commercial construction, the company's skilled team collaborates closely with clients to understand their individual needs and offer custom solutions that exceed expectations.

Furthermore, GHL Aluminium Marketing's reputation for dependability and professionalism has resulted in a devoted customer base and wonderful testimonials from delighted consumers. Their attention to detail, prompt delivery, and cheap price make them a top choice for individuals looking for high-quality aluminium and hardware products.

In addition to their great goods and services, GHL Aluminium Marketing is well-known for their dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company uses eco-friendly production procedures to have a low environmental effect while producing high-quality items.

GHL Aluminium Marketing Sdn Bhd is a creative and forward-thinking organisation that continues to set new standards in the aluminium and hardware industries. With their commitment to quality, client happiness, and sustainability, they are an excellent alternative for anyone looking for high-grade aluminium products.

Aluminium Folding Door Specifications

  1. Offering many different types of folding doors
  2. Featuring AA6063 & AA6061 standards
  3. ISO 9001 certified

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