Sifu Curry Paste Powder - 500G

  • 750 Carton(s)
  • Sifu
  • 9555797 801428
  • Powdery
  • Curry, proper spiciness
  • Full of spices
  • 255 x 380 x 110 mm
  • 42 cartons per Pallet, 750 cartons per 20ft container
  • 500 Gram
  • 24 months
  • HALAL Certificate, HACCP Certificate, GMP Certificate, MeSTI Certificate
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Sifu Curry Paste Powder - 500G

Usage Instruction: You can definitely make a perfect curry dish if you follow these suggestions. Once you receive the packet of instant curry paste under the brand name Sifu, unseal the package by carefully tearing open the tear notch along the upper side of instant curry paste’s package. Fill a clean pot with 6 litres (202.8 ounces) of water and place it on the hot stove. Then, take a packet of 500 g (17.3 oz) instant curry sauce and add it to the pot, and stir them up until they are perfectly combined. Let them boil for a while. Finally, place 500 g (17.3 oz) of coconut milk into the pot mixture and stir well until it boils. You can add any source of protein according to your tastes! You can use chicken, meat, fish, or any other kind of seafood in your dish.

Storage Instruction:  Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd's instant curry paste should be stored at room temperature between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius (73.4 and 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit). It is advisable to keep the instant curry in a dry and cool area. You can also put the instant curry in an airtight container. The reason we use an airtight container is because it can prevent all the external air from getting in touch with the curry powder and oxidation. By doing this, it is possible to limit the growth of bacteria and other organisms, allowing the storage of these instant curry pastes for up to 24 months.

Packaging Information: The manufacture of this instant curry paste will diligently pack these products in the zip lock aluminium bag. A unit of curry powder comes with the dimension of 255 mm x 380 mm x 110 mm (0.008 oz x 0.012 oz x 0.003 oz) and weighed 500g each and came in cartons with a total of 12 packets of instant curry paste. For the bulk purchase, there will be 42 cartons in 1 pallet. A negotiated minimum purchase quantity for the instant curry paste is 750 cartons which is equivalent to 1 x 20-foot box container, or less than a container load (LCL). Additionally, Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd ensures that every product it produces is professionally handled and transported to guarantee client satisfaction. Once you receive the item, please check it first before consuming it. Please inspect the item once you receive it before using it and let us know if you find any problems with the products you got.

Certification/Claims: Since the company's inception, Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd's spice powders, notably its instant curry paste, have garnered accreditation on a global scale, including:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, or JAKIM, is in charge of monitoring halal certifications in Malaysia. Jakim has therefore legally validated all of the food product lines offered by Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd under the Sifu brand as halal. As a result, our instant curry paste has also been certified as Halal and is freely available to all of our consumers, particularly Muslims worldwide. By receiving this accreditation, a brand of goods has proven that it complies with Islamic law and has undergone testing.
  2. HACCP Certified:  The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an independent organisation, creates standards to guarantee the superior quality, security, and efficiency of goods, services, and systems. Instant curry paste is part of Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd's full line of food products that have passed a standard assurance process in order to produce items that both match customer wants and legal and regulatory specifications.
  3. GMP Certificate: In order to meet the requirements set by the government authorities who control the industrial production of food, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and medical devices, good manufacturing practices (GMP) must be followed. Gaining GMP accreditation shows Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd's effectiveness in producing exceptional food goods, such as instant curry paste, on a regular basis.
  4. MeSTI Certified: MeSTI is a Malaysian Ministry of Health project to improve food safety that intends to create a system for managing operations and food hygiene that includes controls for product safety and food safety. As a result, the Malaysian Ministry of Health has certified the instant curry paste and other food items produced by Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd as safe for consumption. Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd developed a well-managed healthy food hygiene planning and operational system in order to produce sanitary goods such as instant curry paste. 
  5. HACCP Certified: The whole product line of Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd, including instant curry paste, has been approved as safe for human consumption following comprehensive testing for chemical, physical, and biological dangers.
  6. Made In Malaysia: This instant curry paste, as well as the entire Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd spice range, are made entirely in Malaysia. 

Overview of Instant Curry Paste

Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd has manufactured a food product that can be a big assistance to many people, especially those who are always chasing over time, someone who is having a busy life and doesn't have enough time to go through all these tedious processes in preparation to produce a meal. This does not apply only in households, this also applies to restaurants, a place where the food must be ready within a short time. The product mentioned is instant curry paste. This instant curry is produced under the brand of Sifu. By using this instant curry paste, your cooking process will be a lot easier. You do not need to prepare the base to cook curry anymore. Just add this curry powder into boiling water, and enhance the flavour with some coconut milk. You can choose to make any curry you like! Chicken curry, fish curry, seafood curry, you name it. 

About Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Since its incorporation in 2003, Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd has focused on producing halal and frozen seafood goods, such as fish balls, cakes, pastes, steamboat items, fish rolls, fish finger foods, snacks, and more. Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd produces surimi-based products under the SIFU brand. In addition to receiving HALAL, HACCP, GMP, and MESTI certifications, SIFU Brand has enjoyed years of outstanding success thanks to the hard work of our R&D team. To provide safe and high-quality products for consumers, we used hygienic manufacturing practises in the everyday manufacturing process. We are now shipping to Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Cambodia, and Australia as we continue to grow our market.

Instant Curry Paste Specifications

- Made with fresh ingredients
- Powdery texture
- Halal JAKIM Certified
- 24 months of shelf life
- Manufactured in Malaysia

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  • Malaysia
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