Sifu Dim Sum Fish Ball - 400g

  • 750 Carton(s)
  • Sifu
  • 9555797 801312
  • Bouncy
  • Fish and vegetables
  • Made of quality fish meat.
  • 320 x 450 x 170 mm
  • 42 cartons per Pallet; 750 cartons per 20ft container
  • 400 Gram
  • 24 months
  • HALAL Certificate, HACCP Certificate, GMP Certificate, MeSTI Certificate
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Sifu Dim Sum Fish Ball - 400g

Usage Instruction: Dim sum fish ball can be cooked in various ways, making frozen foods a versatile dish for everyday meals and special occasions. We'll go over the steamed and deep-fried preparations of the golden fish ball in great detail.   

Steam Method: You must go to the spot where the refrigerator is in your kitchen. Next, pulls the freezer door handle to get to the freezer area. Then, use your right hand to lift the dim sum fish ball holiday packages out of the freezer. After taking the halal frozen pack out of the freezer, close the fridge door again with your left hand.  Then, head over to where the silverware is kept, grab a bowl of suitable size and put in a steamboat fish ball.

Next, pick up the bowl of dim sum fish balls with both hands, bring it to the sink, and put it under the tap. Next, turn the tap head knob to let clean water out. Fill the bowl halfway with the water the Chinese fish balls 400g pack are in. After that, you must give the frozen seafood five to ten minutes to defrost.

While the dim sum fish ball is defrosting, go to the area where the cooking tools are kept and take the steamer out of the cabinet with both hands. Then, put the steamboat pot in the washbasin and fill it halfway with water. Then, bring the pot with water to the cooking area and put it on the stove. Then get the baking paper from where you keep it. Cut the baking paper into a circle with scissors that will fit the base of the steamer. Then, make small holes all over it, about the size of half a fingernail, so that steam can get through. Put the baking paper on the bottom of the steamer. Next, get the fire going until it boils, put the lid on the steamer, and wait for the water to heat up.

After 10 minutes, lift the dim sum fish ball out of the water-filled basin and put it on a plate. Then, bring the frozen Chinese food to the cooking area. You have to cut the golden fish ball package to get the seafood frozen ball 400g out of the packet. Then you can open the lid and put the frozen dim sum fish balls in the steamer. The steamboat fish ball should cook for 5 minutes. Then, open the lid, use kitchen tongs to take the dim sum fish ball out of the steamer, and plate it.

Deep Fry Method: Similar to the instructions for the steamed version, the first step in preparing a dim sum fish ball for the deep-fried version is to remove the packet from the freezer and let them sit at room temperature for about 5 to 10 minutes.

While waiting for the dim sum fish ball to chill, you should get the pan and tongs from the cupboard. Then, get the fire going and set the pot next to it. After a few minutes, when the oil has heated up, add two cups of oil to the pan.

After that, remove the dim sum fish ball from their pack and place them, one by one, into the hot oil in a deep pan. After frying the fish ball for 2.5 minutes, it should be rotated and cooked for a further 2.5 minutes. After the nutritious meal has been browned, remove it from the pan using tongs and set it on a serving dish. Then, turn off the heat on the cooker and plate the dim sum fish balls.

Certification(s) & Award(s): To advertise its dim sum fish ball products to retail chains and consumers, Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn. Bhd has earned several prestigious certifications and awards in the frozen foods sector.

  1. Halal-JAKIM Certified: Following these guidelines ensures that Sifu dim sum fish ball will be safe and clean for Muslims. The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, often known as JAKIM, has certified that steamboat fish ball are halal. Consumers, especially Muslims, may shop confidently, knowing that their purchase of a golden frozen foods ball 400g fulfills Sharia law.

  2. MeSTI Certificate: The Malaysian Ministry of Health has deemed the Sifu fish ball to be suitable for consumption by humans. MeSTI is an effort to create a system for managing food hygiene and operations that guarantees the quality and safety of the products.
  3. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certificate: Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn. Bhd's complete product line, including dim sum fish ball, has passed chemical, physical, and biological safety tests. The HACCP method is a systematic and scientific approach to managing potential risks. 

  4. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate: GMP certification shows that Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn. Bhd consistently makes nutritious foods like dim sum fish ball that adhere to safety and quality standards. Golden Frozen Foods Company is required to adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.

  5. Made In Malaysia: Since its origin in Malaysia, the Sifu dim sum fish ball has garnered the support of the local populace. Malaysian entrepreneurs in the frozen food industry employ this tactic as part of a larger initiative to boost demand for nutritious Chinese fish balls 400g.

  6. Asia Pacific Excellence Top Brand: Quality frozen food products manufactured by Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. has made the company a favourite amongst Malaysians. Because of the dedication of the company's employees, we have been recognized as an Asia Pacific Excellence Top Brand winner annually from 2016 to 2018.  

Packaging: The dim sum fish ball is best stored in a flat, high-quality plastic packet that has been airtightly sealed. This form of packing makes it simpler to transfer golden steamboat fish balls from the plant to locations over considerable distances. The dim sum fish ball pack contributes to preserving the food in the frozen state by preventing the product from becoming polluted by bacteria and heat. space by layering traditional dim sum, which increases the effectiveness of transportation.

Shipping Information: When it comes to the purchase of our dim sum fish ball product, Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is committed to ensuring that each of our customers gets the best experience possible. To obtain golden steamboat fish ball items as a retailer, you must place an order for 750 cartons or the equivalent of a 20-foot container. Each carton measuring 570 x 358 x 180 mm contains 24 packets of the dim sum fish ball. On a single pallet, there are 42 cartons of Chinese fish meatballs.

Storage Instruction(s): The frozen dim sum fish ball must be stored in a cold atmosphere, ideally at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius or lower. As a result, it is strongly recommended that both consumers and suppliers always store freshly golden fish balls in the freezer once they have been purchased. By applying this method, the quality of the steamboat fish ball that is produced will always be of the best possible standard, and the shelf life of the seafood ball 400g will be maintained. 

Dim Sum Fish Ball Overview

Fish balls are round meatballs stuffed with steamed fish paste and then boiled, steamed, or deep-fried. Fish balls, like fishcakes, are typically formed from fish mince or surimi, salt, and a culinary binder such as tapioca flour, cornflour, or potato starch.

Fish balls are typical appetizers or side dishes in East and Southeast Asian cooking. Most people who work in the fish ball sector are of Chinese heritage, and most think of fish balls as part of Chinese cuisine.

Dim sum fish ball is one variety of meatball available at supermarkets. And the golden fish ball is a delicacy prepared by steaming fish paste with vegetables and spices. This Chinese frozen food has several applications beyond only being used as hand food for kids. Broths like fish ball soup, seaweed soup, tom yum, and many more rely on it as an ingredient. You can even eat dim sum fish ball with udon or noodles!

The dim sum fish ball's widespread appeal transcends cultural boundaries. In fact, if you look closely, you'll notice that many of the food stands selling meals on skewers also sell dim sum fish balls. Dim sum fish balls are a popular street food in the Philippines. They are called "tusok," a meatball pock with a stick, fried and eaten with sauce. Also, dim sum fish ball are served at the high tea restaurant buffet.

Dim Sum Fish Ball Specification

- Dim sum fish balls have a bouncy texture.
- Golden fish ball taste like seafood.
- Dim sum fish ball are a great choice for afternoon tea.
- Dim sum fish ball with halal certification.
- Steamboat fish ball for good nutrition.

Ideally Served:

- Dim sum fish ball is excellent for serving on its own.
- Golden fish ball can be steamed.
- Halal dim sum fish ball can be served deep-fried.
- Dim sum fish ball is ideal for pairing with noodle soup. 
- Dim sum fish ball can be made as tempura.
- Golden fish ball perfect with sauce.
- Dim sum fish ball ideal as steamboat ingredients.

Dim sum fish ball ingredients: Fish Meat (Surimi), Starch, Soy Product, Sugar, Salt, Vegetables, Sesame Oil, Monosodium Glutamate.

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