Lotus's Chocolate Milk UHT - 1L

  • Lotus's
  • Chocolatery milk rich in texture
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate milk
  • 1 x 1L
  • 1000 Gram
  • 9 months
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia

Product details of Lotus's Chocolate Milk UHT - 1L

Usage: Listen to the ASMR of Lotus chocolate milk poured into the glass; Isn't it enticing? In a time of despair or joy, grab a glass or cup to pour in the rich cocoa and chocolatey flavor of Lotus chocolate milk. Gulp the harmonious blend of bittersweet from creamy fresh milk and chocolate powder to cocoon your weary and teary days with an uplifting spirit in a split second. If you do not like to drink it bland—although the taste is delectable enough—improvise the recipe in your version. Making a milkshake from Lotus chocolate milk, what say you?

1. Blend Lotus chocolate milk with ice cubes on high speed for 2 seconds.
2. Add three scoops of vanilla or any ice cream flavor and continue blending on low speed until smooth.
3. Pour the milkshake made from Lotus chocolate milk into glasses and serve immediately.


  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: Lotus’s chocolate milk is a halal beverage suitable for Muslims' consumption. This is because the halal certification that JAKIM issues to this drink serve as solid proof that it is made with permissible ingredients with the milk taken from the cow as advised by Shariah law.

Packaging: 1000ml (33.8oz) of Lotus chocolate milk is packed in a gable top carton, often called a refrigerated carton. Gable top container—comes in tetrahedrons or gable roof shape—is a common type of packaging used for milk, juice, or liquid products in various sizes because it offers many benefits suitable for storage and shipment. Most refrigerated cartons comprised renewable materials of 20% polyethylene and 80% paper, inspected by the respectful official as safe from contamination when in contact with food and beverage. Here are more advantages of refrigerated cartons for maximized protection of Lotus chocolate milk:

  1. Protection: The gable-top box possesses sturdy and durable features because the materials are made to ensure Lotus chocolate milk is shielded against air and light that could alter its quality and taste, simultaneously extending its shelf life, for it can retain intact and fresh longer.

  2. Stackability: Whether in transit or storage, refrigerated carton packaging of Lotus chocolate milk will benefit all parties as it comes in a stackable condition, maximizing space efficiency, especially for retailers to store them on the shelves in mass amounts.

  3. Convenience: How do you tell when a container provides consumers with a user-friendly 'gesture'? When you locate a reclosable screw cap or flip-top on the roof of the Lotus chocolate milk, chances are, the product is made with much consideration for the consumers. This feature will aid the Lotus chocolate milks from spillage and convenient pouring spout, preventing any mess or drips.

All these features will easily lure the B2B sector to quickly purchase the Lotus chocolate milk in a bulk of minimum order, one 20-feet shipping container. Regardless, the amount is negotiable.

Storage Instructions: As a rule of thumb, fresh milk oxidizes and turns rancid quickly compared to cocoa powder. However, Lotus chocolate milk has a shelf life of nine months at most because the combination of chocolate and fresh milk has helped to slow down the deterioration of the UHT milk altogether. It is not alchemy because, scientifically, the sugar content in chocolate milk diminishes the growth of bacteria; meanwhile, the higher fat content in fresh milk ameliorates milk from quick spoilage. If you want to swallow down Lotus chocolate milk at its optimal freshness and texture, refrigerate it at 0°C to 4°C (32°F to 39°F), which will prolong the freshness of the milk and impede microorganisms' development. However, once the gable top carton of Lotus chocolate milk is opened, it is best consumed within two to three weeks before it turns rancid. In addition, remember to avoid temperature fluctuations which will affect the quality and stability of the Lotus chocolate milk if exposed to direct heat sources. Furthermore, whether you keep the Lotus chocolate milk in its original container or transfer it into an airtight container, ensure the lid is always sealed tightly to minimize contamination from the air entrance.

Lotus' Chocolate Milk Overview

Lotus chocolate milk is an excellent invention of a creamy, reconstituted UHT milk infused with indulgent cocoa that has a worldwide fanbase. The carefully crafted lotus chocolate milk delivers a rich, satisfying experience in every sip due to the harmonious blend of New Zealand farm-based reconstituted milk that has undergone a unique treatment—Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) treatment.

Let's take a voyage to Lotus chocolate milk's creation that began with acquiring high-quality milk sourced from nutritious-grazed cows in a trusted dairy farm in New Zealand. After that, the milk undergoes UHT treatment—to guarantee its durability and uphold its standard—

that involves one to eight seconds of swiftly heating the milk to a specific temperature of approximately 135°C (275°F). Via this intense thermal process, harmful bacteria are eliminated to extend the shelf life of the milk without added preservatives and can last at room temperature for storage purposes. Before the fresh milk is combined with the cocoa powder to give off a chocolatey flavor, the fresh milk needs to be reconstituted first. Reconstituted UHT milk refers to the process of adding water into a concentrated version of UHT milk to restore the original fluid state until the desired viscosity is achieved. In reconstitution, the measurement of the water is meticulously weighed for balanced moisture and milk contents to ensure the end result resembles closely to fresh milk taste and texture-wise. Once the UHT and reconstitution process is done, only then the chocolate flavor is blended scrupulously for a maximized consistency of chocolate milk.

You might be wondering about the safety and quality of Lotus chocolate milk that has undergone not only UHT treatment but also reconstitution. As a matter of fact, this delicious, reconstituted brown-colored drink is packed with nutrients that have been sealed during manufacturing. The amalgamation of milk and chocolate in Lotus chocolate milk provides wholesome consumer benefits ranging from vitamins, minerals, calcium, and protein. Besides, Lotus chocolate milk is a perfect choice for a quick energy booster to refuel people of all ages, and it is especially captivating to kids.

About Lotuss Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Lotus's Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (sometimes spelled as Lotuss) is a leading hypermarket operator in Malaysia with a wide range availability of the essentials that household need. At Lotus's Stores, the focus is to produce products and services that meet the customers' demands with the versatility of a fast in-store or online service. As the business runs 64 stores across Peninsular Malaysia alone, the workman has expanded to 9000 people. The success of Lotus's Stores is rooted in the unique, personalization catering to their customers, including but not limited to providing high-end quality products with guaranteed freshness at a relatively lower price. Sitting on the throne of being the pioneer grocery store to create its own online platform in Malaysia, Lotus's Stores hold firm to their values, SMART—a short form for simple, motivated, agile, responsible, and transformative.

Lotus Chocolate Milk Specifications

- Brand Name: Lotus’s
- Ready to drink chocolate milk
- A delightful fusion of creamy milk with a rich, smooth cocoa
- A reconstituted UHT milk
- New Zealand farm-sourced
- Volume per carton: 1000ml (33.8oz)
- Refrigerated carton/gable top container for convenient shipment and storage
- Available in B2B purchase of 1x20-ft container (negotiable)
- Shelf life: 9 months (¾ year)
- Issued with a Halal certification from JAKIM
- Malaysian manufacturing

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